Current and recent projects

Elizabeth assists clients to demonstrate to local planners a responsible long term business case for new development, planned so as to enhance their locations.

Early advice saves unnecessary design work on changes that would not be accepted by planning authorities in principle, however good the design. Core Connections Ltd helps businesses and householders to evaluate what changes would be accepted by planners.

Making the best use of small sites Elizabeth works with an estate agent and a local architect to revisit sites where schemes were refused at appeal, or by the local planners, but where a different approach might be possible to ensure the site will not stay vacant or in a low grade use for years. Often this means understanding the reasons local residents were against the schemes, then working to address the concerns.

Recent successes include approval for a family house extension that was successfully remodelled following planning refusal, and permission for reuse of a brownfield site for four new homes on a site where development had previously been refused at appeal.

Neighbourhood Plans
Recent changes in planning law now enable neighbourhoods and Town and Parish Councils to plan and implement development. Preparing a neighbourhood plan is very much about making contacts in a wide range of organisations: schools; GP surgeries; the NHS; highway authorities and planning authorities. Communicating is a key skill to achieving any of the changes communities are seeking. Core Connections will help you get fully up to speed with your own Neighbourhood or Parish Council plans or help you to prepare your own plan.

Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan is now ‘made’ as part of the development plan, and the community is working up projects to implement their policies. The large extension to the town is currently at the outline planning application stage, and Elizabeth is working with the community on projects to meet developer contribution agreements that are in line with the made Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan, and assessing the quality of the design of the proposed extension to the town.

Development briefs outlining potential uses, densities, planning policy and expectations for design standards can help define the future of sites.

Earlier projects include..

Eye Airfield Masterplan
A masterplan on the possible future for sites on the large former Eye Airfield with a landscape-led objective. The team: Core Connections, EAS (transport & flood risk), Lloyd Bore (landscape), and BAM (sustainable construction), client: Mid Sufflok District Council.

Stowmarket Masterplan. A full environmental assessment, community consultation and master planning consultation process involved exhibitions, forums and workshops, a web-based questionnaire and blog. The team prepared the masterplan for the town was led by Elizabeth at Core Connections Ltd. The team then went on to complete three site specific development briefs for key town sites.

Team: Core Connections Ltd (lead and planning) RhubarbRhubarb (communications) Countryscape (graphics) Alison Farmer Associates  (strategic landscape analysis) Peter Kent (artist), Gardner Stewart (architect) EAS (transport and flood risk).

Design brief for an Eco Education Centre as part of a Recreation Ground lottery bid for a London Borough.
Feasibility Study for new community uses for a historic building owned by Northampton County Council.
Planning training for a Thames Gateway regeneration partnership organisation
Planning applications and negotiations for housing development proposals


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