Masterplanning and urban design

Masterplanning and urban design

Urban Design as a discipline that helps you to create your special place, where attractiveness will contribute to its future strength. For some background on our thoughts and ideas see my brochure Creating Better Places

Sustainable design

What does sustainable urban design and masterplanning involve? With the advent of climate change, it is important to save energy costs and to think about the best ways to use the sun, wind and natural slopes in the landscape to your advantage, and to create a rich and diverse habitat whilst managing the water flows through your environment.

Also social sustainability is vital to success, as people who are in tune with their environments can also become very efficient, and productive.

Elizabeth uses a wide range of well tried techniques for engaging with and involving people in designing their own environments.

How can this help my project?

As well as working up plans to planning application stage then negotiating to seek permission, and can assist with green policies, green products and green masterplans.

We have worked with communities to use more local products to construct their projects; to create or to lobby for route networks for travel using cycles and public transport; to seek local talent and to engage businesses with their local schools for better understanding of local future skills supply and demand. In one example local expanding businesses told us that engineering skills were needed, but the local secondary school careers staff were not aware of this until we put them in touch.

We enable communities to use techniques to help bring out an understanding of what makes their areas different, and to learn what would enhance local identity, and improve diversity as well as use their different skill sets and interests.

This way of working also helps you if you are a developer of land. As you engage with the communities around you, there is scope to both develop more sustainably and also more economically.

As a community, a thorough understanding of the local economy can help you be more resilient.

Elizabeth works with other talented people, and we embrace local talents, and aim to form teams with a mix of artists and scientists, engineers and political engagers, entrepreneurs and community members.

A draft Urban Design Guide for Attleborough prepared by Elizabeth with Alison Farmer was completed for the Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan, and Breckland Council.

“The Design Work you did with Attleborough is being used as a part of the Attleborough Urban Extension background papers and the Design Guidance work Breckland are doing”  Director of Planning and Building Control Breckland Council August 2022.


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