Sea Containers

Sea Containers in Nepal?

There are few places in the world without a redundant sea container.

Shipping containers can provide a medium term shelter solution in areas where there have been housing losses due to storms, floods, earthquakes and fires. They are being used in Christchurch New Zealand for temporary replacement town centre shops and offices, and in Japan as post Tsunami homes and community uses.

The advantage of stacking containers in an earthquake area is that the containers supply rigid support, protection from rain storms and secure storage.

The ability to respond rapidly and bring the container units to site then assemble within days is a clear advantage. However, in the medium term, as a more permanent solution for several years whilst the replacement homes are being built, they also have potential.

In Onagawa Japan, as a response to the Tsunami, Shigeru Ban Architects designed a three-storey structure of stacked 20’ containers, each with a balcony. Open-air gathering spaces, community halls and closable storage units were also included in the design, all necessities in a post-disaster situation. By varying the layouts, the container homes can offer 19.8, 29.7 and 39.6 metres of useable internal area.


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