The Future of the High Street: Conversations at Home No 2

We held the second Conversation at Home in July 2020 on the future of the High Street. So much is evolving fast particularly in the way street space is allocated in major cities, and we heard an excellent presentation from Esther Kurland of Urban Design London on London’s latest streetscape projects. Alistair Barr of Barr Gazetas architects showed a sketch of how a vertical zoning might work for reusing a redundant high street shop or office building, Tim o Callaghan of Nimtim architects reviewed the High Streets around his home and studio and we debated initiatives in Catford.

Here are some key quotes from the video, which can be accessed at video of the Rendezvous UK#2:

Esther talks about the function of high streets
Tim expresses our concerns at extending permitted development rights to converting shops to flats without quality controls in place.
Trevor makes the case as a developer to trust the local community’s views on wha t makes a good street.
Making things used to be one of the activities in the West End of London even as recently as the 1960s, and making things could return to our high streets.
Participants in the second NEOLITH Conversation at Home
Hosted by urban designer Liz Wrigley