Letchworth Four looked at how to make Garden Cities into Connected Cities

On 19 June participants at the fourth Letchworth Garden City conference looked at the topic of transport: connecting garden cities to other cities by public transport will save congestion, pollution, reduce CO2 and to allow each centre to develop a specialisation so the whole Connected City complex can offer more than the individual cities in isolation.

The day’s presentations can be found here, and the declaration with support from participants on the day is also on the New Garden Cities Alliance web site. We examined cities in three sub regional areas in south England: around Aylesbury; Tewkesbury and North Essex. Lord Adonis gave a presentation on reopening some critical rail lines cut in the 1960s by Dr Beeching when we all thought cars were the future not trains!

The very positive view from the conference was that we should move towards a more transport-oriented view of city planning, and plan for the longer term Р50 years ahead. Garden Cities will be well placed to provide attractive, achievable solutions as we begin to move toward a 2050 Net Zero target.