Jardim America Sao Paulo

The second visit to Sao Paulo in January 2018 enabled me to see more of Barry Parker’s design of Jardim America, designed in the years after his partnership with Raymond Unwin at Letchworth ended. On the map in the Museu do Casa Brasiliana the area is described as being in the City of Sao Paulo Improvements & Freehold Land Company Ltd. which suggests that a similar company ownership to that used in the First Garden City Ltd in Letchworth was intended. The design shows several small greens on the curving streets, an athletics club and tennis court, and many roundabouts. As you traverse the neighbourhood on foot or by bus, the sports club shown on this map is still very clearly present.¬† The whole Jardins area still has some key nodes such as a corner with the main local church and a triangle of palm trees, and MUBE, the modernist sculpture and ecology museum designed by Paulo Mendes da Rocha with¬† landscape by Roberto Burle Marx, carefully lined up to fit with the avenues of trees on Jardim Europa.