Expo Milan 2015 – food for thought

A short break in Milan this July, where the weather was very hot and dry, sounded good, Expo 2015 is being held there, with a theme of food – entirely appropriate to Italy! So two members of Our Green Group, I and Lilian Martins, set off. We chose just four pavilions to look at in depth, although the chocolate cluster of countries finally seduced us on the way out, where single country sourced ice cream was on offer and I sampled a dark Camaroon mix with white chocolate!

The report attached on my web site front page gives our initial analysis of the UAE, UK, Monaco and German pavilions. Mexico’s pavilion won awards so although we visited it, we did not attempt to analyse the building. We also went to the Japan pavilion, mainly to see the amazing graphics, but the virtual restaurant was so realistic I woke the next morning wondering why I could not remember the taste of the delicious food on offer.

So are Expos useful? They still seem to be an expensive use of resources for something so temporary, so we looked at the reuse strategies, for example Monaco’s pavilion will become a training centre in Burkino Faso, and the UAE pavilion was designed to be remounted there at the end of Expo.


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