Open Sky events

On Tuesday I visited the Sky Believe in Better building in Osterley in the morning and the Creekside Centre in Deptford in the evening…how different! There was a common theme, education. At Sky a sustainable building for visitors definitely feels “better”, offering a place where children can try out producing TV programmes and consider a career in media.  Creekside Centre also offers educational experiences, in sites next to the river, where by dressing in waterproofs children can be mudlarks and tread in the squelchy creek ooze to discover what being in the river at low tide feels like. They get close to nature…but are in the city.

Both buildings aim to also offer sustainable aspects of construction. At Sky, timber frames are a healthy option, whilst in Creekside the green roof and untreated soils on the site can offer a spot for the wildlife and seeds blown into this area to colonise.

At Sky we discussed all the aspects of client involvement in a building project: sustainable procurement; considerate constructor scheme; energy efficiency; enhanced biodiversity; BREEAM standards to aspire to; and reuse of materials. The timber frame offers time savings in construction and being lighter than a concrete structure, there are savings in the slab material needed. The timber finish is able to be used without needing painting or treatment..a light sanding if it marks is sufficient. The site also only used recycled aggregates.

Creekside are just embarking on a possible expansion and thinking about the sustainable options.

An interesting day!


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