About Core Connections

Elizabeth Wrigley set up Core Connections Ltd as a consultancy to assist clients plan and design interesting and meaningful places.

“As an urban designer, who also trained as an ecologist, I have used this combined perspective to lead a masterplan process that started with considering the design of landscape. The landscape design is too often added on as a sort of decoration to the site and is only considered at the end of a design process. Also landscape is often the first item cut when saving money on a scheme. Sustainability considerations are, however, changing this as water, sun, wind and soil are increasingly seen as potential resources to design with.

I find this emphasis on looking at the potential to integrate a more natural landscape into towns to be inspiring. People who care about nature and are interested in managing natural environments will join together to create such places. Regular exercise is an important requirement for health, and parks provide locations for healthy exercise and for contact with nature”.

Communities can use planning experts to help them visualize the environment they want, as well as to work with the developers so the reality of funding and making places work can be fully explored.

For more information on some aspects of the work undertaken by Core Connections contact Elizabeth Wrigley on 0208 694 6226.


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