Greenery in cities: Providencia Santiago Chile; Horsted Park, Kent; The Hague Holland; Jardim Paulista Sao Paulo Brazil

Welcome to Core Connections Ltd

Urban Designer

About us

Are you searching for an urban designer, a town planner or an expert in consultation? Core Connections Ltd is run by Elizabeth Wrigley, an experienced urban designer and town planner, who has worked in public, private and voluntary sectors. Our services include Urban Design and planning services for clients. We offer community-based design methods, and flexible master planning tools. Please have a look around the web site and contact Elizabeth for more information or to discuss your own ideas, and get in touch using the contact page details tab on this web site.

Planning Advice and preparing applications

Do you need planning advice? With Core Connections Ltd you can always be assured of having the best advice.We work on development briefs and input to site design, as well as on individual planning applications. What works well on the new mixed-use High Street? How can the uniqueness of a place be captured?

How Garden Cities Can Become ConnectedCities

The New Garden City Alliance (NGCA) is hosting a new conference, Letchworth Four on transportation connecting New Garden Settlements with existing communities on 19th June 2019, from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm in the Spirella Building Letchworth, UK. You can read the declaration for this year’s conference Conference Declaration How Garden Cities Can Become ConnectedCities

Local action and Neighbourhood Plans

It is now more possible than ever to express your ideas and aspirations for your neighbourhood whether you are local stakeholders, owners or users. Core Connections Ltd can help you with Action Areas, Neighbourhood Plans, and representations for Local Plans. It is now working with a town council to implement its Neighbourhood Plan, having helped the townspeople with preparing the plan and getting it approved. Representation s were made on behalf of the town council for a major urban extension, whose outline planning approval was given unanimously on 15 March 2019, and Core Connections is working with the councils and the developer to secure S106 developer contributions, in particular to create to a new Linear Park,  and a Community Centre.  Other benefits will ensure the town and its extension are properly connected and the rail station acts as an improved hub for the town. For details on how you can get involved in the Linear Park please get in touch with the Attleborough Town Council.


Our Green Group, is an informal consortium of firms with a lively interest in implementing new sustainable solutions to construction problems, and Elizabeth regularly convenes meetings and newsletters for us. See here for some background. If you are interested in joining the debates, either by attending a future meeting or being included by electronic communications, please contact Elizabeth, see contact page details on this web site.



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